Covid Safety

Keeping it safe:

As we crawl toward some version of normalcy amid the Coronavirus pandemic, we at Essanay are implenting meticulous protocols to keep your production safe.


Version 1.5 / Last updated August 10, 2021

Essanay Studio & Lighting established these protocols and guidelines in regards to protecting the safety and well being of all Essanay employees and it’s clients. Enforcement and practicing of these guidelines will aid in the effort to stop any further spread of the COVID-19 virus. These guidelines were prepared following all current COVID-19 information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The guidelines will be revised and updated regularly to be in compliance as more information regarding COVID-19 from the CDC becomes available.

Protocols & Guidelines

Essanay Employees

  • Employees forehead temperatures will be measured at the start of each work day using a non-contact thermometer and monitored throughout the day.
  • Employees will be sent home if they develop a fever.
  • Employees are required to stay at home if they show any symptoms of illness.
  • Essanay will limit specific work areas to essential personnel only.
  • All Essanay work areas will be cleaned and sanitized regularly throughout each day.
  • Employees will wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) at all times.
  • PPE will be regularly inspected, cleaned and replaced as necessary.
  • Employees will practice social distancing of no less than 6 feet apart unless absolutely necessary.
  • Employees are required to frequently wash their hands for at least 20 seconds and use hand sanitizer throughout the day.
  • Employees are encouraged to practice proper respiratory etiquette, including the covering of all coughs and sneezes and disposing of tissue immediately.

Studio & Production Office Rentals

  • All Crew, Client, Talent, etc. MUST enter through their respective Stage entrance. No exceptions. If they are unsure of which door to enter, they will be directed to their proper entrance.
  • All Crew, Client, Talent, etc. MUST have their forehead temperature measured and complete a Wellness Questionnaire at the time of entry into their Stage.
    • Temperatures will be measured using a non-contact forehead thermometer.
    • If an individual’s temperature reads 100.4 degrees or higher, they must wait 15 minutes and have their temperature measured again.
    • If their temperature remains 100.4 degrees or higher after the second measurement, they will not be allowed to remain in the building.
    • Any individual who did not pass the building entry criteria can return the following day if they believe their temperature is acceptable to enter the Stage.
    • If an individual fails to pass the temperature check-in on the second day, they will not be allowed entry to the Stage until they can furnish a signed doctor’s work approval.
  • Face masks will be required to be worn by all people while inside Essanay.
  • Social distancing of at least 6 feet will be required whenever possible.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are located in each Stage / Production Office.
  • Essanay offers the option to our clients of having all occupied rental spaces sanitized with professional electrostatic sprayers using CDC approved sanitizer and following all CDC guidelines. This option is provided at an additional cost and the client can choose how frequently and the timing of when this service would occur.

Essanay Common / Open Areas

  • All multi-toilet restroom doors are equipped with In Use / Available signs to help limit the amount of occupants in the bathrooms at any time.
  • All individuals using restrooms MUST wear a face mask while inside the restroom.
  • Restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected on frequent intervals throughout the day with CDC approved cleaner.


  • Employees, crew and visitors working at Essanay are encouraged to wipe down all surfaces, phones, keyboards, desks, tables, etc. before using and on regular intervals.
  • Anyone working in an Essanay common / open area MUST wear approved PPE while working in that space.
  • All vendors or visitors to Essanay MUST be wearing approved PPE in order to be granted access to the Stage.

Equipment Rentals

  • All employees, crew, customers and vendors working inside and outside the garage area, loading and unloading trucks, equipment, etc. MUST wear approved PPE.
  • ALL equipment being returned to Essanay will be moved to a designated isolated area for sanitizing prior to being put back into the general inventory.
  • ALL Essanay equipment will be properly disinfected and sanitized with the following methods before being placed back into Essanay’s inventory:
    • Electrostatically sprayed
    • Thoroughly wiped down with an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved disinfectant
  • ALL subrental equipment (equipment owned by a third-party vendor) taken into possession by Essanay will be properly disinfected and sanitized prior to use on any set or location.
  • ALL crew supplied gear must be taken into Essanay’s possession to be properly disinfected and sanitized prior to use on any set or location.

Essanay Vehicles

  • All drivers are required to wash their hands prior to entering an Essanay vehicle.
  • Drivers are required to clean and sanitize frequently touched areas within the vehicles as needed.
  • Drivers are required to wear appropriate PPE while outside of the vehicles.
  • PPE and gloves worn outside of the vehicle must be removed prior to re-entering the vehicle.
  • Drivers will ensure that vendors or any non Essanay personnel that enter an Essanay vehicle will wear appropriate PPE while in the vehicle.
  • All vehicle interior cabs MUST be sanitized and disinfected after each use.
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